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Durable RED YEAST RICE™ - Subscription

Safe, Effective Support for Cholesterol Balance

This powerful formula features a clinically proven dose of highly purified, certified organic red yeast rice extract along with KanekaQ10® CoQ10. It provides 33% more red yeast rice than most supplements, offering safe and effective natural support for healthy cholesterol levels.*


What It Does

Formulated by Dr. Kevin Passero, Durable RED YEAST RICE provides exceptionally safe and effective cardiovascular support with an extra-strength 1,600 mg daily dose (33% more than what most supplements provide) of standardized, highly purified, organic red yeast rice extract as well as a potent 50 mg dose of KanekaQ10® CoQ10.*

This synergistic combination of time-tested, clinically validated ingredients:*
● Effectively lowers total and LDL cholesterol levels*
● Reduces levels of inflammatory, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein*
● Supports healthy blood flow and optimal heart health*
● Provides antioxidant protection for your entire cardiovascular system*
● Improves insulin and leptin sensitivity*

General Product Info:
• 60 vegetarian capsules (a 30-day supply)
• Made in the USA in an FDA inspected facility
• Packaged in sustainable, 100% non-toxic amber glass bottles
• One-year, any reason return policy with free return shipping

Why It Works

It’s no secret that maintaining balanced cholesterol levels is foundational to keeping your cardiovascular system healthy as you age. But it can be challenging to do naturally without the right ingredients in your toolkit. Enter Durable RED YEAST RICE, which is a powerful, safe and effective cholesterol solution. It is also a great complement to our other cholesterol support formula, Durable HEART, for those who want or need more comprehensive cardiovascular protection. That’s because the ingredients in Durable RED YEAST RICE promote cholesterol balance and heart health via different mechanisms of action. It’s also a great option to consider if you didn’t get the results you were hoping for with Durable HEART, since natural ingredients affect everyone differently.*

Dr. Passero’s 20+ years of clinical experience helping patients optimize their cholesterol levels naturally went into formulating Durable RED YEAST RICE. It features a potent 1,600 mg daily dose of standardized, highly purified, certified organic red yeast rice extract. This clinically validated dose is 33% higher than what most red yeast rice supplements provide. Red yeast rice’s powerful cholesterol-balancing effects are enhanced with 50 mg of heart health-promoting KanekaQ10®, one of the world's most extensively studied CoQ10 ingredients.*

Organic Red Yeast Rice Extract (1,600 mg)
Durable RED YEAST RICE is made with exceptionally pure, organic red yeast rice, which helps ensure that our product contains no harmful pesticide or herbicide residues. This, along with a cutting-edge fermentation and extraction process and our rigorous safety and quality control measures, makes Durable RED YEAST RICE the safest, most effective red yeast rice product on the market.*

Used as a cardiovascular remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 700 years, red yeast rice is one of the most well-researched and validated natural ingredients ever studied for lowering cholesterol and reducing cardiovascular risk factors. And it can be pivotal in helping you achieve the healthy, balanced cholesterol levels you need for long-term heart health—without undesirable side effects.*

Red yeast rice is made by fermenting white rice with a type of yeast called Monascus purpureus. As a result of the fermentation process, the rice turns bright reddish purple. Red yeast rice contains an array of natural cholesterol-lowering compounds, including plant sterols, flavonoids, isoflavones, and most notably, at least 13 active monacolins, which block an enzyme involved in cholesterol production in the liver.*

In addition to its clinically proven ability to lower cholesterol levels, red yeast rice supports cardiovascular health in several other ways. Clinical trials have shown that it lowers high-sensitive C-reactive protein, a key inflammatory marker known to have negative impacts on the cardiovascular system. It also improves insulin sensitivity, decreases leptin resistance, improves blood flow, and even has balancing effects on the immune system.*

KanekaQ10® CoQ10 (50 mg)
Maintaining adequate levels of CoQ10 is critical to your cardiovascular and overall health. This unique antioxidant plays a major role in producing the energy needed to power your body’s hardest working organ—your heart.*

Plus, red yeast rice has the potential to deplete CoQ10 levels. While our formula is designed to minimize CoQ10 depletion, Dr. Passero felt it was important to include CoQ10 to counterbalance any possible depletion—and because CoQ10 is so vitally important for overall cardiovascular health. Inferior red yeast rice products that are not formulated with CoQ10 can deplete levels, causing unanticipated health problems.*

It’s important to understand that declining CoQ10 levels can significantly impact your heart, which helps to explain why a vast body of scientific evidence has shown that supplementing with CoQ10 can improve cardiovascular health. As an antioxidant, CoQ10 plays an important role in preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and helping to maintain the health of your arteries.*

Durable RED YEAST RICE includes a clinical strength 50 mg dose of KanekaQ10® CoQ10. KanekaQ10® is one of the world’s most thoroughly researched CoQ10 ingredients available today with 30 years of clinical studies demonstrating its quality and reliability.*

The Durable RED YEAST RICE Difference
Red yeast rice has been the subject of controversy at times because some of the naturally occurring monacolins it contains balance cholesterol via a mechanism of action that is similar to that of certain synthetic compounds. If a red yeast rice supplement is not produced with careful controls and testing in place, it has the potential to cause the same side effects as the synthetic compounds, including muscle aches and CoQ10 depletion, which can impact your heart.*

For this reason, our red yeast rice extract is standardized to ensure that it provides precisely the clinically validated levels and proper balance of active compounds needed to effectively lower cholesterol with unparalleled safety. We also include a 50 mg dose of KanekaQ10® CoQ10 in Durable RED YEAST RICE as an extra measure to counterbalance the potential CoQ10-depleting effects of monacolins. As a bonus, CoQ10 provides additional cardiovascular and antioxidant benefits.*

Another thing that sets Durable RED YEAST RICE apart from other supplements is that we use a highly purified, certified organic red yeast rice extract, which ensures that our product contains no harmful pesticide or herbicide residues. This, combined with a unique solid-state fermentation and extraction process that uses only water (no solvents or chemicals), makes Durable RED YEAST RICE the cleanest red yeast rice product on the market.*

Our rigorous safety and quality control measures also ensure that Durable RED YEAST RICE is free of citrinin, a common by-product of the red yeast rice fermentation process linked to kidney damage. Every batch of red yeast rice in our product is certified citrinin-free through testing, so you can rest assured that you are getting an extraordinarily pure, safe and effective red yeast rice supplement.*

Why We Use Amber Glass Bottles vs. Clear Glass or Plastic:
• Sustainability: Glass is infinitely recyclable and reusable.
• UV Protection: Amber glass protects the ingredients from light damage.
• 100% Non-Toxic: No risk of chemicals found in plastics leaching into the pills.

Directions & Label Information

For adults only. Take two capsules once daily with food or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. For additional support, Dr. Passero recommends one capsule three times daily or consider combining this product with our Durable HEART formula.

Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules (typically a 30 day supply).

If taking medication (especially statins), have a medical condition (especially liver disease), or are pregnant or breastfeeding consult your healthcare practitioner before use. Keep out of the reach of children.

Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

• Non-GMO • Gluten Free • Vegan • Dairy Free • Soy Free • Corn Free • Nut Free • Egg Free • No Artificial Colors or Preservatives

Safe, Effective, Natural Support for Balanced Cholesterol

  • Organic Red Yeast Rice Extract 

    Organic Red Yeast Rice Extract 

    An extraordinarily pure, safe and effective extract of red yeast rice,
    one of nature’s most powerful allies for lowering cholesterol without side effects.*

  • KanekaQ10® CoQ10

    KanekaQ10® CoQ10

    One of the most extensively studied CoQ10 ingredients in the world,
    KanekaQ10®, provides targeted antioxidant support for cardiovascular health.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Kevin Passero Answers

Functional medicine expert, licensed naturopathic physician
and Durable co-founder Dr. Kevin Passero answers your top questions.

Should I take Durable HEART or Durable RED YEAST RICE?


Durable HEART and Durable RED YEAST RICE work in different ways in the body, so combining them can be a great option for maximum cardiovascular protection. It’s also worth considering Durable RED YEAST RICE if you tried Durable HEART but didn’t get the results you were hoping for, since natural ingredients affect everyone differently.*

While both Durable HEART and Durable RED YEAST RICE are effective at promoting healthy cholesterol levels—and can be taken together—each formula offers distinct benefits because their primary ingredients work via different mechanisms of action.*

In my clinical practice, I often use the combination of these two formulas to support balanced cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health in my patients.*

The Bergamonte® bergamot extract in Durable HEART helps lower cholesterol and supports blood sugar balance by targeting pathways of energy metabolism that have been shown to help balance lipids and blood sugar. The antioxidant polyphenols found in Bergamonte® help reduce LDL oxidation, which supports arterial health. In addition, Durable HEART helps improve HDL (“good”) cholesterol and triglyceride levels more effectively than red yeast rice.*

Consider Durable HEART if you are just starting on your journey to support healthy cholesterol levels using natural approaches. Durable HEART is also a great option if you want an umbrella of support for balancing LDL, HDL and overall cholesterol, as well as triglycerides and blood sugar.*

The monacolins found in Durable RED YEAST RICE very effectively target the enzyme pathway in the liver responsible for the synthesis of cholesterol. In addition, red yeast rice contains a variety of isoflavones, plant sterols and polyphenols that help to balance cholesterol levels. Red yeast rice has also been shown to reduce key inflammatory markers that impact cardiovascular health.*

With its more specific mechanism of action, red yeast rice has advantages for those who need more aggressive, targeted support for balancing overall and LDL cholesterol levels. If you have struggled with balancing your cholesterol levels naturally, it may be time to try Durable RED YEAST RICE.*

Should anyone NOT take red yeast rice?


If you have established liver disease, you should not take red yeast rice. Additionally, if you are taking a prescription medication for cholesterol, you should not take red yeast rice. Durable HEART may be a better option for you. The Bergamonte® citrus bergamot extract in Durable HEART has been shown to be safe and effective for use in combination with prescription cholesterol-lowering medications and may even enhance their effectiveness.*

Does Durable RED YEAST RICE contain citrinin?


We put rigorous safety and quality control measures in place to ensure that Durable RED YEAST RICE is completely free of citrinin, a common by-product of the red yeast rice fermentation process linked to kidney damage. Every batch of red yeast rice extract that goes into our product is certified citrinin-free through testing, so you can rest assured that you are getting an extraordinarily pure, safe and effective red yeast rice supplement.*

Why is Durable RED YEAST RICE superior to other red yeast rice formulas?


Durable RED YEAST RICE is the cleanest red yeast rice product on the market and is guaranteed to be pure, safe and effective. Made with a standardized, highly purified, certified organic red yeast rice extract, it contains no harmful pesticide or herbicide residues. We utilize a unique solid-state fermentation and extraction process that uses only water—no solvents or chemicals. And every batch of red yeast rice in our product is certified free of citrinin, a toxic byproduct of the fermentation process, through rigorous testing.*
Standardization ensures that Durable RED YEAST RICE provides consistent, clinically validated levels of the active compounds needed to effectively lower cholesterol while minimizing CoQ10 depletion. And it includes 50 mg of KanekaQ10® CoQ10 to help ensure that your body has the CoQ10 it needs for optimal cardiovascular function and to counterbalance the potential for red yeast rice to deplete CoQ10.*

When is the best time to take Durable RED YEAST RICE?


The best time to take Durable RED YEAST RICE is in the evening. The active compounds in red yeast rice work best to balance cholesterol levels when taken during peak cholesterol production, which occurs at night while you’re sleeping.*
I recommend taking the full 1,600 mg (2 capsules) either before or after eating dinner. If you have a sensitive stomach, I recommend taking it just after a meal on a full stomach.*

Can I take less or more than the recommended dose?


The research shows that 2 capsules a day (1,600 mg) is ideal for most people. Higher doses of red yeast rice may be necessary to achieve the cholesterol-balancing benefits desired by certain individuals. For most people, it’s safe to take up to 3 capsules of Durable RED YEAST RICE per day. Doses above 3 capsules should be taken only under the supervision of a physician and proper blood test monitoring.*

How would I know if it is working?


The only way to know for sure if Durable RED YEAST RICE is working for you is to have your cholesterol levels checked through a simple blood test. While the clinical trials demonstrate remarkable results within 4-8 weeks, I typically recommend at least a 90-day trial before doing follow up bloodwork since best results are often achieved after slightly longer periods of use. These results should be compared to cholesterol levels from before you started the product.*
Cholesterol testing can be done through your doctor, or you can order them directly through sites like which offer direct to consumer lab testing.
The ingredients in Durable RED YEAST RICE have health benefits beyond supporting healthy cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that red yeast rice can help support healthy blood flow, hs-CRP levels, and insulin and leptin sensitivity. CoQ10 provides antioxidant protection and supports energy production. So you may experience additional benefits beyond cholesterol support!

How long does Durable RED YEAST RICE take to work?


Red yeast rice extract has been shown in clinical studies to produce significant reductions in total and LDL cholesterol levels within 4-8 weeks of consistent daily use.*
However, as with all natural products, each individual can have different results. That's why I recommend taking Durable RED YEAST RICE for at least 90 days. This is also the reason why we offer an amazing one-year any reason guarantee.

What if it doesn't work for me?


Don’t worry, all of our premium health formulas are backed by our any reason, 100% refund guarantee for one full year after purchase. We even pay for return shipping. I want Durable RED YEAST RICE to work for you, and if it doesn’t, I want you to have your money back so you can try something else!

Are there any other Durable products I should consider when it comes to supporting my heart and cardiovascular health?


Along with our bestselling Durable HEART formula, which can offer complementary support for healthy cholesterol levels, there are a few additional Durable products that can support other aspects of your cardiovascular health.*

Research shows that magnesium is an essential nutrient for heart health, so you might want to consider adding Durable MAGNESIUM to your regimen for extra support.

In addition, our Durable CoQ10 formula provides an extra-strength dose of this critical cardiovascular nutrient in an industry-leading, crystal-freeform, delivered as a softgel for maximum absorption.

What is the Nuflow Complex that is listed in your Other Ingredients?


Nuflow is a natural flowing agent. Flowing agents are used in the production of all encapsulated or tableted supplements to help prevent the ingredients from clumping as they flow through the encapsulating machinery. Most companies use synthetic flowing agents like silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, talc or steric acid, which can potentially inhibit the absorption of the active ingredients or may be potentially harmful.
Nuflow is a revolutionary flowing agent naturally derived from the outer hulls of rice which, has a high concentration of naturally occurring silica. This works very effectively to help the ingredients flow smoothly and evenly through the machinery. It represents a breakthrough in the world of nutritional supplements, being the first completely natural flowing agent derived from food.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Zhifang Rong
Perfect for blood pressure

I took two bottles and really lowered my blood pressure and triglycerides levels and now I took lower dose of my blood pressure medicine and will continue taking Durable Red Yeast Rice until maintaining normal blood pressure.

Deidre Vogler
Best product on the market

Durable is by far the best natural Red Yeast Rice on the market. I have taken other brands however no other brand has worked as fast or as well as this one. My cholesterol went from 275 to 230 in about 6 months. The only thing I've changed is taking Red Yeast Rice along with Durable's Heart and Coq10.

Jerry Johnston
Great product!

Best natural products are durable heart, co-q 10, and the new red yeast! Thats all you need!

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