Durable HEART™

Clinically Proven Support for Balanced Cholesterol


Durable HEART™ features an extra-strength dose of patented Bergamonte®, which has been shown to reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol by 36% while increasing “good” HDL cholesterol by 40%—in just 30 days.*



"My blood test even surprised my doctor" — Wesley A.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Flynn
Works Great

This stuff works, I've been using it for 5 months and had considerable reduction in my cholesterol levels. I am buying this again, and I'll do a subscription make sure I don't run out. My levels dropped form 224 total to cholesterol to 180, triglycerides went from 122 to 95. You gotta get this stuff now.

Tessa Hemby
LOVE these supplements!

I am very pleased with my product. I have seen improvements in my blood work ever since starting to take these!

David Pettus
A company that honors it's promises

Never in my life have I come across a company that honors it's promises like you people.
I'm beyond pleased to find someone as honest as the Durable Company.
Not only am I happy to get my money back, but you've renewed my faith in people.
I've only had to return items three times in my life, and I have never been so well taken care of by anyone else.
I actually had to call my Discover Card to get my refund from another company.
I wish everyone was as honest as you people.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dustin Janssen
Lowered cholesterol and ApoB

I had recently visited my family practice doctor and following my blood tests they had recommended I do something to lower my cholesterol. I wanted to give it a few months to attempt to lower it with the durable heart protocol. In just three months time, my total cholesterol went from 232 to 169. LDL from 153 to 95. My apoB also went from 119 to 72. This was all in three months time taking the durable heart. Thank you for making a great quality product that would allow me to improve my cardiovascular health

Rich Corso
Glad it works

I'v been taking something for cholesterol for years and when I get a blood test the numbers are always good, but I always look from something else to take for the numbers to be better, than I saw Bergamonte. I tried it from other company, got a blood test, and it didn't do anything. I searched for Bergamonte on other web sites and really didn't like what I read. Than I found Durable, liked what I read and bought it. 3 months later got a blood rest and the number were a lot lower!