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Durable MAGNESIUM - Subscription

Gentle Support for Heart Health & Relaxation

Every cell in your body needs magnesium, yet up to 50% of us are deficient. This gentle, highly absorbable formula promotes heart health, stress relief and restful sleep with bioavailable magnesium glycinate.*

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What It Does

Magnesium glycinate is a highly effective, chelated form of the essential mineral magnesium. Unlike other common forms, it's gentle on the digestive system and readily absorbed into the bloodstream for maximum cellular benefits.*<br><br>
• Supports cardiovascular health*<br>
• Eases feelings of stress and tension*<br>
• Supports a healthy brain and nervous system*<br>
• Promotes relaxation and restful sleep*<br>

Why It Works

Every cell in your body needs magnesium to thrive, yet by some estimates, up to 50% of Americans are deficient.*<br><br>
Magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical processes, including energy production, DNA and protein synthesis and cell signaling. It plays a critical role in maintaining heart rhythm, blood pressure balance, brain and nervous system health, bone density and more.* <br><br>
<strong>Are You Magnesium Deficient? Here Are Some Common Signs</strong><br>
Muscle aches or spasms, mental tension, anxiety, headaches, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, and suboptimal cardiovascular health are some of the most common signs your cells aren’t getting enough magnesium.*
<strong>The Unique Benefits of Magnesium Glycinate</strong><br>
Made with highly absorbable magnesium glycinate, Durable MAGNESIUM delivers magnesium to your cells in a form they can use—without the laxative effect other magnesium supplements are known for.*
Magnesium glycinate is chelated, meaning that the mineral is molecularly bound to the amino acid glycine, which makes it significantly more absorbable—and more effective.*
Glycine also provides some unique benefits: It helps maintain neurotransmitter balance in your brain and supports a healthy, relaxed nervous system. This makes magnesium glycinate the magnesium form of choice for reducing anxiety and promoting a calm, yet energized mental state. Taken before bed, magnesium glycinate will help you enjoy more restful sleep.*
<strong>Magnesium Is a Must for Cardiovascular Health</strong><br>
Durable MAGNESIUM provides powerful support for a healthy cardiovascular system. Magnesium helps relax the smooth muscles within blood vessels, which encourages healthy arterial function and normal blood pressure.*


For adults only. Take two capsules once daily with food or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.<br><br>
Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules (typically a 30 day supply).
If taking medication, pregnant or breastfeeding consult your healthcare practitioner before use. Keep out of the reach of children.
Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.
• Non-GMO
• Gluten Free
• Vegan
• Dairy Free
• Soy Free
• Corn Free
• Nut Free
• Egg Free
• No Artificial Colors or Preservatives
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The Powerful Ingredients, Proven To Relieve Everyday Aches and Pain

  • PEA


    PEA is a fatty-acid derivative that is needed to respond to inflammation-inducing damage and has been clinically shown to provide significant joint and back pain relief.*

  • Turmeric


    Turmeric is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants and one of the most effective natural substances at blocking the key COX-2 enzyme that causes harmful inflammation and pain.*

  • Boswellia


    Boswellia is a potent herb that inhibits the 5-LOX enzyme to neutralize inflammation and reduce the pain common in joints, muscles, and nerves.

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Can PEA help relief lower back discomfort?

Lower back pain is the number one reason why people miss work or can’t do the activities they enjoy. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), lower back pain is the most common cause of disability worldwide.

Sciatic pain involves inflammation and pressure on the main nerve that runs from the lower back through the legs, and sciatic nerve issues are perhaps the most common cause of lower-back pain. PEA has been clinically shown to provide relief. In a gold-standard placebo controlled study involving 636 people suffering from sciatic nerve pain, study participants taking 600 mg of PEA daily reported both pain reduction and quality-of-life scores that were significantly better among those in the placebo group.

What is the difference between Turmeric and Curcumin?

Curcumin is found in the root of the turmeric plant and the curcuminoids derived from curcumin are the active ingredient of the turmeric extract contained in Durable Body.

How can inflammation be both so helpful and so harmful?

Acute inflammation is a natural part of your body’s defense system. When your body is injured or damaged due to a bruised shin or a strained muscle, it sends a signal out for help – like an emergency siren to send in natural first aid.

Your body sends this signal by releasing various chemicals to encourage fluid to surround and isolate the damaged area. This fluid can cause temporary visible swelling and redness which is part of the protection and healing process.

Acute inflammation only lasts a few hours or perhaps a few days and is typically very beneficial. But when inflammation doesn’t turn off and lasts for weeks, years or even decades, this can cause significant damage over time.
This harmful type of inflammation can lead to a wide range of age-related health issues – one of the most-common of which is everyday aches and pains in the back and joints.

Should I take Durable Body every day or only when I’m feeling discomfort?

Like most nutritional supplements, Durable Body will take time and consistent use to build up in your system in order to achieve maximum effectiveness, so daily usage is highly recommended.

How long does it take for Durable Body to work?

Based on the clinical studies of PEA, you should start to feel a reduction in discomfort after two weeks of daily usage and feel significantly less discomfort within 30 days.

Is Durable Body vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free?

Yes, Yes and Yes. While Durable Body is vegan, Non-GMO and gluten free, you should be aware that it is made in a manufacturing facility that does process products that contain gluten and has not been certified as gluten free by the manufacturer for those with severe gluten issues.