Durable D3 COMPLEX®

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Durable D3 COMPLEX

Durable D3 COMPLEX
High-Potency, Bioactive Vitamin D3 & K2 Plus Synergistic Co-Factors

Durable D3 COMPLEX features 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 (the natural and most bioactive form of vitamin D) combined with clinically proven K2VITAL™ vitamin K2 (in the easy-to-absorb MK-7 form). It also features the essential minerals magnesium and zinc. This synergistic combination of nutrients helps make sure that calcium ends up in your bones where it belongs—instead of in your arteries or organs. As a result, this formula provides superior support for your bones, heart, brain and immune system.*

• Supports strong, healthy bones*
• Helps inhibit calcium buildup in the arteries*
• Promotes optimal cardiovascular and cognitive health*
• Helps maintain healthy immune function*

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