Why scientists are calling Citrus Bergamot extract...

The Best Way Yet to Lower Triglycerides Naturally

Clinical trials show triglycerides down 39% while LDL cholesterol fell by 36% and healthy HDL rose by 40%!

By Dr. Kevin Passero

It’s no secret that controlling your cholesterol is vitally important for your cardiovascular health and longevity.

But there's another measure of cardiovascular health you shouldn't ignore: your triglyceride levels. Just like cholesterol, elevated levels of these fats can put your heart at risk.

The “solutions” mainstream doctors typically recommend for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides come with a host of potentially harmful side effects that most people would prefer to avoid. And many of the natural solutions that can help support heart health aren't particularly effective at lowering triglyceride levels.

That's why cardiologists are excited about a little-known citrus fruit grown in sunny Southern Italy that is producing dramatic clinical results in gold-standard research.

So if you’re concerned about your cholesterol or triglyceride levels and are looking for a natural solution that actually works, please keep reading because a patented extract from this Italian citrus “superfruit” has been scientifically shown to help you:**

• Reduce artery-clogging triglycerides by 39%

• Lower dangerous LDL cholesterol by 36%

• Significantly raise healthy HDL cholesterol by 40% (something most other solutions fail to do)

The #1 Natural Heart Health Solution That I Recommend for My Patients

Durable HEART

Hello, I’m Dr. Kevin Passero.

In over 20 years of seeing patients at my clinics in the Washington, DC area, this is one of the most exciting advances in natural cholesterol control I’ve ever seen, which is why I want to share it with you today.

I’m talking about a little-known citrus fruit from Italy called Citrus Bergamot.

This fragrant yellow-green fruit is loaded with cardio-boosting flavonoids and other polyphenols linked to significant improvements in cholesterol control, arterial function, serum blood sugar numbers and overall cardiovascular health.*

And indeed, a flurry of recent clinical studies makes an indisputable scientific case.

When It Comes to Balancing Cholesterol and Triglycerides,
the Citrus Bergamot Fruit is Like Nothing Else

I always do extensive research before recommending any nutrient or natural solution to my patients.

The most important factor for me to see is clinical confirmation of results that carry forward from one study to the next. Often times the trendy “solutions” are associated with just one hyped up study which is not enough for me to make clinical decisions for my patients.

So I was excited to find a team from a leading university that recently performed an exhaustive deep dive into the clinical research on citrus bergamot. They identified 8 gold-standard bergamot studies that met their strict criteria for excellence and uncovered amazing results:*

As a scientist and a doctor, I was extremely impressed by the magnitude of success achieved by citrus bergamot on a clinical level, with every single study showing that supplementing with a citrus bergamot extract led to double digit drops in dangerous LDL and harmful triglycerides. And HDL (healthy cholesterol) increased in every study as well!

As I continued to review the research, it became clear to me that… 

There’s One Potent Citrus Bergamot
Extract That Significantly Outperforms the Rest

It’s a patented form of citrus bergamot called Bergamonte®.

Multiple, gold-standard clinical trials reveal Bergamonte’s unique power to support cholesterol balance—much better than generic forms of citrus bergamot and in fact better than any other natural solutions I’ve ever seen.*

The clinical results are truly remarkable: Cardiology researchers from a top university gave participants 1,000 mg of Bergamonte® daily for 30 days, and the average improvements for the participants were simply outstanding.**

Total Cholesterol:
DOWN 29%

DOWN 36%

DOWN 39%

Blood Sugar:
DOWN 22%

And how did this patented form of citrus bergamot affect “good” HDL cholesterol levels?

After 30 days of giving participants 1,000 mg of Bergamonte®, scientists reported a remarkable increase of 40%.*

Now that’s a game-changer for anyone struggling with cholesterol or triglyceride issues.

A second trial by the same research team answered the other big question I had: What’s the optimal daily serving size? It clearly showed… 

The Right Dosage Level Makes a Huge Difference

The scientists repeated the test, but this time giving volunteers half the dosage (500 mg daily) of Bergamonte®.

The smaller dose helped—but not nearly as well as the 1,000 mg daily serving size. In fact, the difference was staggering. 

The full-strength 1,000 mg serving significantly outperformed the 500 mg serving:*

34% more effective in lowering total cholesterol
50% more effective in lowering LDL cholesterol
29% more effective in lowering triglycerides

As for good HDL cholesterol, the 1,000 mg serving outdid the 500 mg serving by an amazing 80%! It wasn’t even close.* 

This is especially important because HDL cholesterol plays a critical role in protecting our arteries from dangerous plaque formation. It removes built up cholesterol from our cells and brings it to the liver to be removed from the body! Therapies that lower LDL are great, but ones that also raise HDL are even better when it comes to maximum cardiovascular protection.


So for anyone who is serious about tackling cholesterol and triglycerides issues, I always recommend exactly what I tell my patients: The 1,000 mg full-strength, clinically validated dosage of Bergamonte® instead of the widely advertised and far less potent 500 mg dose. 

So How Does Bergamonte® Work
And What Makes It So Effective?

As my patients often ask me: How is it that Bergamonte® lowers dangerous LDL cholesterol (by 36%) and triglycerides (by 39%) while increasing healthy HDL cholesterol (by 40%) so much more effective than virtually anything else out there?

Science has the answer, and it lies in citrus bergamot’s powerful, natural polyphenols:* 

• Bergamot polyphenols have been shown to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol in your bloodstream which is a critical first step in the process of arterial plaque formation.

• Bergamot’s polyphenols inhibit an enzyme called HMG-CoA that plays a major role in cholesterol synthesis.

• Bergamot polyphenols activate Cholesterol 7R hydroxylase which converts liver cholesterol into bile acids that are excreted from the body.

• Bergamot polyphenols activate another major enzyme in the body called AMPK, your body’s metabolic “master switch” that helps keep your blood sugar and lipids in check. This is really big news because...

Blood Sugar Is an Important Factor in the Cardiovascular Health Puzzle
and Citrus Bergamot Helps Lower It!

I just mentioned that citrus bergamot activates AMPK, which is a major player in blood sugar metabolism.

The problem is AMPK activity declines with age. That means less glucose gets into your cells, and more glucose remains in your blood.*

And that’s when blood sugar becomes a cardiovascular worry.

Excess blood sugar damages the inside of your arteries and is linked with rising triglycerides and rising LDL. Everything you want to avoid!

Indeed, doctors now recognize that healthy blood sugar plays a big role in the overall cardiovascular picture—and Bergamonte® helps to manage that as well.*

In the Italian study I mentioned above, it lowered blood sugar scores an average of 22%!*. So chalk up yet another big benefit with this natural wonder! 

Here Is the Exact Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Regimen
That I Recommend to Patients

I was so impressed by the clinical research studies and the results produced by this natural heart health powerhouse that I developed a specific regimen to help my patients get the most out of this remarkable gift of nature.

Here is what I tell my patients:

1) Choose the best citrus bergamot which is the patented Bergamonte®. Unlike generic forms, it’s standardized to a clinical-strength 38% polyphenols—the powerful constituents that reduce LDL oxidation, inhibit cholesterol synthesis and regulate blood sugar.

2) Utilize the full clinical serving of 1,000 mg daily. The clinical trials I reviewed clearly showed how 1,000 mg daily produced by far the best overall results: 50% lower LDL cholesterol and 82% higher HDL cholesterol compared to the 500 mg dosage.*

3) Bergamonte® works best when combined with Vitamin C: A 2021 report shows that bergamot enhanced with vitamin C helps your body more efficiently utilize the cholesterol-balancing properties of citrus bergamot while providing potent antioxidant benefits.*

4) Combine Bergamonte® with Olive Leaf Extract. Rich in a powerful inflammation-fighting polyphenol called oleuropein, olive leaf extract provides extra support for healthy lipid metabolism and arterial health. To me, it’s the perfect complement to Bergamonte®, so I tell my patients to take both together for maximum benefits!* 

A Superior Cholesterol and Triglyceride Solution
With Results in Just 30 Days

I firmly believe that the regimen I developed for my patients is truly the most effective (and safest) way to naturally get your cholesterol under control. However, while most of my patients achieved success with my regimen, the truth is that some of them had a hard time following it.

They found that most citrus bergamot supplements didn’t use patented Bergamonte®, and those that did often cut corners by using the less effective 500 mg dose. And the few that did feature 1,000 mg of Bergamonte® were prohibitively expensive. 

Then my patients had to separately take Vitamin C to enhance the benefits of Bergamonte® and olive leaf extract for arterial health and other cardiovascular benefits. I must admit, all of this combined made the regimen too expensive and inconvenient for some. 

I knew there had to be a better solution for the patients in my clinic and anyone else looking to naturally lower dangerous cholesterol and triglycerides. 

Fortunately, I also serve as Chief Science Officer for Durable™, a cutting-edge dietary supplement company that I co-founded with my good friend Josh Corn, who has been a leading natural health advocate for over 20 years. 

Together we created a new, convenient, affordable and all-in-one solution, based on the regimen that I developed for my patients. We call it Durable HEART™

Durable HEART

Here’s Why Durable HEART Provides Superior Cardiovascular Support

Here are six reasons why I recommend Durable HEART for my patients, and why it is your best choice for healthy cholesterol and triglyceride control as well as overall cardiovascular support:

1) Features 1,000 mg of Bergamonte®: Just two capsules per day of Durable HEART gives you the ideal 1,000 mg dosage of the patented Bergamonte® citrus bergamot that produced the excellent results I cited above showing a reduction in LDL cholesterol of 36%, lower triglycerides by 39% and an increase in good HDL cholesterol by 40%.

2) Enhanced With Vitamin C: Durable HEART features 50 mg of premium non-GMO vitamin C extract to enhance your body’s ability to efficiently utilize Bergamonte® while providing added antioxidant support.

3) Includes Pure Olive Leaf Extract: What makes Durable HEART truly unique is that it also features 100 mg of pure Olefresh™ olive leaf extract which provides body-wide inflammation fighting benefits as well as artery-supporting polyphenols.  

4) The Absolute Best Value: Most supplements that feature patented Bergamonte® provide only 500 mg per servings, but Durable HEART doubles that level plus it includes both the olive leaf extract and vitamin C and is still remarkably affordableas low as $29.95 for a 60-count bottle containing a full month’s supply. 

5. Made in the USA for Quality You Can Trust: Each ingredient in every Durable formula is carefully sourced from the most trusted companies and certified for purity and potency using independent testing labs. And Durable HEART is manufactured here in the U.S. to pharmaceutical-grade standards in a state-of-the-art FDA inspected facility.

6. Free Shipping and Free Return Shipping: I’m on a mission to help people improve their lives with clinically proven ingredients that deliver results with nutritional supplements that are convenient and provide great value. Durable HEART is priced as low as $29.95 per bottle (a one-month supply), plus you get free shipping, free return shipping and it is backed by our one year, any reason guarantee. That means it’s completely risk-free to try.


Our Durable HEART Customers Say It Best


“I was searching for something natural and less harmful, yet effective to control cholesterol. Then I found Durable Heart. The fact that a functional medicine doc created this product gave me hope . After a 5 weeks, my total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides all dropped and my HDL remained in a great range. Thank you, Dr. Passero for creating such a wonderful product!” — Nancy L., Lagrangeville NY


“Durable Heart lowered my cholesterol. My total cholesterol was 270 mg/dl, LDL was 139 mg/dl, Triglycerides 243 mg/dl, HDL 83 mg/dl. After taking Durable Heart for one month: Total cholesterol 209 mg/dl, LDL 107mg/dl, Triglycerides 97 mg/dl, HDL 83mg/dl. I recommend using this supplement. It is really worth it.” — Thongsavath S., Olathe KS


“My cholesterol was quite high. I found Durable Heart and was impressed with the results of Dr. Passero’s patients. I took Durable Heart for one month as directed and took my blood test. My cholesterol points came down 21 points. I was elated! I will continue to take it and am very thankful I found it. Thank you.” — Pamela G., Clinton Township MI


“I took Durable Heart after my cholesterol began to rise post-menopause. I didn't know if it would help but my last bloodwork showed a 12 point drop in my LDL only after 3 months! I'm happy and my doctor is happy! Can't wait to see results after 1 year!” — Lisa C., Marriottsville MD


“I Started Durable Heart because my cholesterol was high. My doctor didn't want me trying something natural so I said no I would work on it myself. I went back to the doctor in March and it had dropped 20 points! Thanks very much, I will always use this product.” — Sandra E., Elon NC


“I purchased Durable Heart and I am very satisfied with the results! My cholesterol and triglycerides are down considerably. Thank you for providing a superior product. ❤️” — Patrick F., Gibsonia PA

Our One Year, Any-Reason Durable HEART Guarantee

If you’re not convinced Durable HEART makes a big difference in your cholesterol health and cardiovascular well-being… or if you’re not satisfied for any reason… simply return it anytime within one year of purchase for a full refund.

No hassles, no questions asked. We even pay the return shipping.

It’s as simple as that. Let your test scores be the judge! Wow your doctor!

To get maximum benefits from Durable HEART, I recommend you take it for at least 90 days. Research has shown that while results can be seen in as little as 30 days, additional benefits are seen at the 90-day mark. Ordering at least 3 bottles to start gives you the chance to experience the maximum clinical benefits at an excellent value.

And don’t worry about any risk – because there is none. You have ONE FULL YEAR to get a full refund FOR ANY REASON. We’ll even pay for return shipping. 

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Get Durable HEART
For As Low As $29.95 + FREE SHIPPING

You’ll Agree: Durable HEART Is the Solution You’ve Been Searching for!

Your cardiovascular system is the key to living a healthy, vibrant, energy-filled life as you age—and Durable HEART can make all the difference.

If you’re looking for the best natural way to help achieve all that…you’ve just found it. Remember, 1,000 mg of patented Bergamonte® citrus bergamot was shown in research to provide these incredible results in as few as 30 DAYS.

Total Cholesterol:
DOWN 29%

DOWN 39%

Blood Sugar:
DOWN 22%

LDL (bad cholesterol):
DOWN 36%

HDL (healthy cholesterol):
UP 40%

I’ve seen firsthand how effectively Durable HEART works with my patients. And now I’m inviting you to put it to the test yourself and see the difference it will make for you too.

And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can give it a complete personal test run without risking a penny!

Durable HEART Supplement Facts

Dr. Kevin Passero is a leading functional medicine expert and practicing naturopathic physician† on a mission to empower people to take control of their health. Through his two popular clinics in the Washington, DC metro area, he’s helped thousands of people find the root causes of their health imbalances and recover their energy, vitality, clarity and resilience. Dr. Passero blends cutting-edge diagnostics with proven natural therapies to help his patients get results. He formulates every Durable supplement drawing on his over 20 years of clinical experience and the latest scientific research. Outside of work, you can often find him enjoying the outdoors with his family.

†Dr. Kevin Passero is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the District of Columbia and licensed Naturopathic Doctor in the State of Maryland.

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