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Durable MEMORY™ (For Influencers)

Natural Support for Enhanced Cognitive Function

An advanced cognitive formula that promotes laser-sharp focus, clear thinking, improved memory and peak mental performance with a clinically studied dose of Synapsa® bacopa extract, along with five additional powerful brain boosters.*

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What It Does

Formulated by Dr. Kevin Passero, this unique and effective blend of science-backed nootropics (cognitive enhancers) helps improve memory, focus, learning speed, brain health and overall cognitive function. This state-of-the-art formula features Synapsa® bacopa extract, SunPS® phosphatidyl serine, vitamin B12 and our proprietary MemoryPlex Cognitive Blend™.*

• Promotes laser-sharp focus and clearer thinking*
• Enhances memory and information retention for faster learning*
• Improves mental performance and problem solving*
• Helps maintain long-term brain health and cognitive function*

General Product Info:
• 60 vegetarian capsules (a 30-day supply)
• Made in the USA in an FDA inspected facility
• Packaged in sustainable, 100% non-toxic amber glass bottles
• One-year, any reason return policy with free return shipping

Why It Works

For over 20 years, Dr. Passero has been working with his patients to address their concerns about cognitive health. This led him to formulate Durable MEMORY as the ultimate tool for anyone looking for natural ways to promote improved memory, peak mental performance and long-term brain health. It features a powerful combination of six of the world’s most extensively-studied and effective natural nootropics, which are nutrients shown to boost brain function. There is no other formula on the market as comprehensive and innovative as Durable MEMORY.*

Synapsa® Bacopa Extract (320 mg)
Durable MEMORY features a clinically studied 320 mg dose of Synapsa®, a patented bacopa extract with strong human clinical trials backing its effectiveness. The active compounds in bacopa, which are powerful antioxidants, are among the few substances that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and improve neuron communication. Synapsa®, the highest quality bacopa extract on the market, has been shown to significantly improve multiple areas of cognitive function including faster learning, enhanced memory and improved mental performance—with noticeable improvements seen within just 90 days.*

SunPS® Phosphatidyl Serine (100 mg)
Phosphatidyl serine (also known as PS) supports cognitive functions including both short-term and long-term memory as well as the ability to learn and recall information. It has also been show to improve focus and concentration as well as the ability to reason and solve problems. We use the superior SunPS® which is derived from sunflower and is low allergen and certified non-GMO.*

MemoryPlex Cognitive Blend™ (500 mg)
This proprietary, synergistic combination represents some of the most well-studied medicinal herbs for supporting memory and cognitive function. Lion’s mane mushroom extract has been shown to stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a protein vital to healthy brain cell growth and survival. Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb that has been shown to enhance cognitive function, learning and memory. Gotu kola has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as a mental rejuvenator. It helps protect brain cells and has been shown to improve blood flow to the brain.*

Vitamin B12 (250 mcg)
B12 is a well-studied nutrient for brain, neurological health and cellular energy. We use the superior methylcobalamin form which is superior to the less effective cyanocobalamin used in many supplements.*

Why We Use Amber Glass Bottles vs. Clear Glass or Plastic:
• Sustainability: Glass is infinitely recyclable and reusable.
• UV Protection: Amber glass protects the ingredients from light damage.
• 100% Non-Toxic: No risk of chemicals found in plastics leaching into the pills.

Directions & Label Information

For adults only. Take two capsules once daily with food or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules (typically a 30 day supply).

If taking medication, pregnant or breastfeeding consult your healthcare practitioner before use. Keep out of the reach of children.

Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

• Non-GMO • Gluten Free • Vegan • Dairy Free • Soy Free • Nut Free • Egg Free • No Artificial Colors or Preservatives


Power Up Your Brain with Science-Backed Cognitive Enhancers

  • Synapsa® Bacopa Extract

    Synapsa® Bacopa Extract

    This standardized extract of Bacopamonnieri, a powerful brain-boosting herb used in Ayurveda, has been clinically proven to improve learning, memory and mental performance.*

  • MemoryPlex Cognitive Blend™

    MemoryPlex Cognitive Blend™

    Extracts of lion’s mane mushroom, rhodiola and gotu kola join forces in this synergistic blend of well-studied nootropics to promote healthy brain function and enhanced memory.*

  • SunPS® & Vitamin B12

    SunPS® & Vitamin B12

    These often-overlooked nutrients are essential for healthy brain aging. Together, they nourish and protect brain cells to help maintain optimal cognitive function as you age.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Kevin Passero Answers

Functional medicine expert, licensed naturopathic physician
and Durable co-founder Dr. Kevin Passero answers your top questions.

How does bacopa work?


Bacopa extract has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine as a rejuvenating brain and memory tonic.*

Modern research is showing that bacopa has the remarkable ability to increase levels of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF for short. BDNF is responsible for the growth, maintenance and survival of neurons, and the creation of new neural connections. Higher levels of BDNF are associated with better memory, faster learning and better overall cognitive health.*

The active compounds bacopa contains, known as bacosides, are among the few substances that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier to bind to receptor sites in the brain and promote neuron communication. Bacosides also act as powerful antioxidants, supporting and shielding the brain from damaging free radicals.*

Several well-designed clinical trials have demonstrated Synapsa® bacopa’s effectiveness in improving key areas of cognitive function, including speed of visual information processing, learning rate, working memory, retention of new information and multitasking accuracy.*

How do the ingredients in the MemoryPlex Cognitive Blend™ work?


Lion’s mane mushroom extract has been shown to stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a protein vital to healthy brain cell growth and survival.*

Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb widely used to help improve mental and physical performance, particularly during and after times of stress. Clinical trials have demonstrated its ability to enhance cognitive function, learning and memory.*

Gotu kola has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as a mental rejuvenator. It helps protect brain cells and has been shown to improve blood flow to the brain.*

Is SunPS® phosphatidyl serine derived from soy?


No. SunPS® is derived from certified non-GMO sunflower lecithin.

Why is the methylcobalamin form of B12 considered superior?


Many supplements are made with cyanocobalamin, a form of vitamin B12 that must be converted in the body into an active form through the process of methylation. Due to various factors, some people do not effectively methylate B12, which means cyanocobalamin remains inactive in the body.*

By supplementing with methylcobalamin, a premium, already-methylated form of B12, you can ensure that all of the B12 you’re taking is absorbed in an active form your cells can utilize.*

How long will it take to feel the effects?


Like most nutritional supplements, Durable MEMORY will take time and consistent use to build up in your system in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. According to one study on Synapsa® bacopa, significant improvements in cognitive function were seen in just 90 days.*

Are there any side effects?


There are no significant known side effects associated with taking any of the ingredients in this formula. However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medications, please consult your healthcare practitioner before use.*

What is the Nuflow Complex that is listed in your Other Ingredients?


Nuflow is a natural flowing agent. Flowing agents are used in the production of all encapsulated or tableted supplements to help prevent the ingredients from clumping as they flow through the encapsulating machinery. Most companies use synthetic flowing agents like silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, talc or steric acid, which can potentially inhibit the absorption of the active ingredients or may be potentially harmful.*

Nuflow is a revolutionary flowing agent naturally derived from the outer hulls of rice which, has a high concentration of naturally occurring silica. This works very effectively to help the ingredients flow smoothly and evenly through the machinery. It represents a breakthrough in the world of nutritional supplements, being the first completely natural flowing agent derived from food.*